The Type Of Toys That Develop Your Child’s Vocabulary

It’s always a good experience to see your child mumbles his or her first word and all a sudden you, as a parent, feel that your child is all grown up! You are definitely not around in this and this is indeed one of the joyous part of being a parent. The next stage on this is to expand on your child’s vocabulary list and the best way to do so is through toys! If you are searching for the right types of toys to get for your child, you can check out those listed below, in no particular order, a few toy types which can be considered excellent building blocks for a commanding vocabulary.

Toys That Encourage Imaginative Thinking And Talking

36 Picture And Word Cards
36 picture word cards perfect for Beginner Readers!


Before your child can carry out any proper conversation, they must learn to form their own ideas, opinions and questions. Michelle LaRowe is the author of “A Mom’s Ultimate Book of Lists” and she suggests that when it comes to the selection of educational toys, always remember that the “more a toy does by itself, the less the child can do with it.” What she means is that it is recommended that you look for toys that engage your child and beg for input, rather than simply providing entertainment for consumption.

Stacking And Building Toys

Mega Bloks First Builders
Perfect toy for your little building fan who is just learning how to build with his own two hands


For young children, motor skill development and problem solving are two outstanding areas to begin improving immediately. And the experience can be dramatically accentuated by you as a parent talking with your child about the nesting toys, cubes or cups he or she is playing with. Ask open-ended questions, and stick with the simplest stacking and building toys when your child is very young, increasing difficulty with age.

Toys That Audibly Reward Action

Fisher-Price Dance & Play Puppy
Fisher-Price Dance & Play Puppy introduces your baby to the alphabet, colors, numbers, manners, greetings and more!


There are many excellent interactive toys for young children which come with interesting features like talking, singing a command or asking a specific question. Your children get to learn exactly when they respond with the correct behavior on what the toy is asking of them and they are rewarded with a positive response in the form of flashing lights, enjoyable sounds, voices and happy songs. This not only helps your child understand complete phrases and sentences, but also associates taking action with positive reinforcement.

Animal And Barnyard Toys

Fisher-Price Little People Animal Sounds Farm
Fisher-Price Little People Animal Sounds Farm lets your child hear fun animal sounds and all kinds of songs


To teach your child on the basic vowel sounds, you can get them those zoo, barnyard or other animal-based toy that comes with common animals. The different sounds that these animals make helps. Not only that these toys also encourage interaction and teach early causal relationships between an object (a cow) and its behavior (making a mooing sound).

Pop-up Books With Audio

Pop-up books appeal to children from a very early age, and can remain popular to them for years. And when you combine the vocabulary building properties of creative audio with the rewarding 3D interaction that pop-up books deliver, you show your child that talking and communicating can be combined with a specific action to deliver a desired result.

Tea party sets, Mr. Potato Head & LeapFrog Line Of Interactive Children’s Tablets

These line of toys join the toys mentioned above as excellent vocabulary builders for children of varying ages. While those games and toys may not ask for your child to speak out loud, they make children think about how to accomplish a certain process. With your help, this can add exciting new action words to your child’s vocabulary. Just remember to focus on those toys that get your child involved, and try to steer clear from those toys which only deliver entertainment with minimal interaction. If you do, you will find your toy selection will have the most positive possible impact on your child’s vocabulary.

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